The school started as a play center in 1978 by 5 parents who needed a safe, educational, and stimulating environment for their children. St Cyprians’ Church in Retreat made their hall available to the parents and learners. Later a house which belonged to the Municipality in Solo Street Steenberg was made available. The rent was paid by the Cape Mental Health Society by means of a grant.

The group moved to the Original Blouvlei Primary School Hall on the premises of the Uniting Reform Church in 6th Avenue Retreat. The Hall was divided into 2 classrooms. The first staff comprised of 5 staff members, 2 educators, 2 educator assistants and a vehicle driver. Blouvlei School was still a satellite center under Mary Harding Special School.

With the help and faithful support of members of the Round Table and the Department of Education; the Blouvlei Training Centre, as it was then known, raised enough money to build the first phase of Blouvlei School and take in 68 learners. In 1986 the Blouvlei School became autonomous. The Round Tablers, The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and the Blouvlei School community were all instrumental in making the dream and aspirations of 5 dedicated and committed parents become a reality. This is now meeting many major educational needs in the broader community.

The school now boasts 13 classrooms, occupational therapy room, a psychological room, a sick bay, an administration block, and a kitchen. The latter is where therapeutic meals are prepared, many ingredients are harvested from the schools’ own vegetable garden.