• Blouvlei learners come from all over the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town. The majority of learners are from previously disadvantaged families. During apartheid years Blouvlei was for so called 'coloured' children. Since 1994 the school has been non-racial and welcomes all children.
  • The school started as a play centre in 1977 by parents who needed a safe, educational and stimulating environment to keep their children. St. Cyprian's Church in Retreat made their hall available to the parents. Originally the staff were all untrained volunteers.
  • Later a council house in adjoining Solo Street was acquired through a grant for rent from the Cape Mental Health Society. In 1985 the Uniting Reform Church school on 6th Avenue was developed into Blouvlei School, as a satellite of the Mary Harding School. The school is built in the grounds of the local Uniting Reformed Church of Retreat and with funding from the Department of Education and Constantiaberg Round Table 103 as well as the contribution of the Uniting Reformed Church.
  • In 1986 the school became independent (from Mary Harding and Cape Mental Health Society) when the Western Cape Department of Education approved a partial subsidy.
  • Between 1986 and 1999 the school has grown greatly and developed.
  • Even though, the school was designed to cater for 96 children (classrooms were originally intended for a maximum of 12 learners), there are now 180 learners in 12 classes with an average of 15 pupils per class. According to the Department of Education recommendation one child with cognitive barriers to learning is equivalent to 3 children without such barriers, and, therefore, the amount of learners in most of the classes is enormous.
  • In addition to the 180 learners at the school, which is an over-utilisation of school resources, there is also a waiting list of over 30 children wanting to attend the school.

It is part of the school philosophy that the school should be a warm, welcoming environment to learners and visitors. However, this is an ongoing challenge due to lack of human and financial resources.

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