There are 180 learners at Blouvlei, ranging from 6 to 21 years old. They come from throughout the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa.

Who are those learners?

  • children with disabilities for varied reasons - genetics, chromosome, accidents, abuse, birth, alcoholism (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome), infections, malnutritions
  • children from families of varied income levels, 90% from sub-economic households
  • children from informal housing settlements in Phillipi Farm Community and the Phillipi corridor
  • Approximately 60% of the children's parents are unemployed (about 50% hereof are from single parent families).
  • Some parents have little or no formal education, some are in prison and others are battling with addiction.
  • A few parents are very involved and actively help the school. Other parents are still struggling to come to terms with their children's disability. Teachers sometimes feel that parents see Blouvlei as a 'dumping ground'.

Which organisations refer learners to Blouvlei?

    • Red Cross Children's Hospital
    • Rondebosch Assessment Centre
    • Groote Schuur Hospital
    • mainstream schools
    • social workers

What happens after finishing at Blouvlei School?

    • Once the learners are 18 years old some move onto the protective workshop at Cafda.
    • A few learners have been able to move into the formal labour market.
    • Blouvlei has been marketing the learners to small local businesses.

In order to receive a disability grant people need to earn less than R100 per month.

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