Our teaching concept

We, at Blouvlei School,  provide a holistic education programme to learners with special educational needs.

The holistic education approach recognises the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In fact, we consider the physical, psychological and social skills of our learners and treat every learner as a unique individual.

Even though our learners are intellectually impaired, every single pupil has her/his own needs, strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, we are committed to considering them as individuals.

Since our learners are intellectually impaired our access to the learners is more focused on physical skills, creativity and improving the learners’ self esteem & confidence so that they can achieve their goals. Rather than having our emphasis on teaching academic skills.

Nevertheless, we want to support the growth and development of our learners as effective as possible and, therefore, we use the holistic vision.

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