Target Market

Who are the learners at Blouvlei School – Target Market

  • Our primary target market is intellectually impaired individuals aged between 6yrs and 18yrs.
  • Both, male and female individuals are catered for.
  • Although intellectual disability knows no class, the majority of our learners are from low - middle class families with most parents being unemployed, single parents.
  • About 30% of our learners are in foster care and, therefore, exempted from paying school fees.
  • Most of the families have an average of three to four siblings living in shacks in family backyards or in council flats in gang ridden areas.
  • The target market is growing with teenage pregnancies on the increase as well as mothers not being educated about drug and alcohol use.
  • Current statistics available from the W.C.E.D. has also shown an increase in the demand for our type schooling since the introduction of an inclusive education system.

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